Razer And Maingear Announce “R2” Small-Form Gaming PC, Starts At $1,099

Maingear and Razer are back in black- and green- with the refined, compact R2 desktop gaming PC.

Gaming OEM Razer and enthusiast-level PC manufacturer Maingear have partnered up once again to create the Maingear R2, now available for purchase. Housed in a chassis sporting Razer’s signature black-and-green color scheme, the R2 boasts the same capabilities as its counterpart- the Maingear R1- but in a much smaller package.

The R2 is 30% smaller than its predecessor, standing at just 14.37in. tall, with a depth and width of 18.11in. and 9.84in. Inside every handcrafted machine is one of Maingear’s signature liquid-cooling systems equipped with either nickel-plated SUPERSTOCK Metal Hardline Tubing or SUPERSTOCK Crystal Hardline shatterproof PETG tubing. While the chassis will only support one internal GPU, owners can fill up to three storage bays with an assortment of hard drives; available storage options offered through Maingear include one 6TB 3.5in. HDD, up to two 1TB Samsung 850 Pro SSDs, and one 1TB Samsung 960 Pro M.2 NVMe SSD. R2’s can be equipped with various B350, Z270 and X99 Intel and AMD motherboards, supporting processors up to the AMD Ryzen 7 1800X, Intel Core i7 7700K and the i7 6950X. Akin to Razer’s Blade laptops and Maingear’s gaming-grade PCs, the R2 ships with no “bloatware” or unnecessary software outside of the operating system and required drivers. VR enthusiasts will be pleased to know the entire catalog of supported R2 GPUs are powerful enough to support both the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

The Maingear R2 can be purchased directly through Maingear or Razer: Customers have the option of customizing their PC as they see fit, but Maingear is offering four preset options- two with an AMD Ryzen CPU ($1,099 “Stock”, $4,299 “SUPERSTOCK”) and two equipped with an Intel Z270 CPU ($1,199 “Stock”, $4,399 “SUPERSTOCK”). PCs are expected to begin shipping on 8/1.

Source: Maingear
Images courtesy of Maingear, Razer

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