‘Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition’ “Demake” Announced For Mobile Devices

The best JRPG road-trip of 2016 can now be taken on the road when the mobile “demake” launches this Fall.

Now that Gamescom 2017 is underway in Germany, Square Enix is stomping the pedal through the floor for their Final Fantasy XV: Universe project. FFXV: Universe isn’t to be recognized as a new game- despite having an E3 2017 and now Gamescom 2017 trailer of its own- but a series of projects relating to Final Fantasy XV in both video games and extended media. Square Enix has expanded on the lore of Eos and the royal bloodline through the movieĀ “Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV”, five-episode anime “Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV”, the free 2D beat-em-up A King’s Tale: Final Fantasy XV, PS VR-exclusive Monsters of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV, the short-lived Justice Monsters Five, and the mobile RPG King’s Knight: Wrath of the Dark Dragon.

Earlier today, Square Enix announced yet another incarnation of Final Fantasy XV, just hours after confirming a PC version with a 4K trailer full of NVidia-powered effects. Scheduled to release sometime this Fall, Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition re-imagines the entire adventure as a hybrid isometric action/RPG. Despite serious advances in mobile hardware, phones and tablets can in no way support the visuals of the console version; instead, Square Enix has opted to create a “demake” of sorts, depicting the entire world of Eos and its inhabitants in “Chibi” super-deformed style and aesthetic.

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition has not been given a specific release date outside of “this Autumn”; the entire game will be distributed across 10 “Episodes”, all of which will release on the same day, with the first being completely free to download and play in entirety.

Source: Square Enix
Image courtesy of Square Enix

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