‘RUINER’ Finally Comes To Consoles And PC Next Month

It’s a year later than expected, but the cyberpunk shooter from Devolver Digital and Reikon Games is officially coming in late-September.

From developer Reikon Games, RUINER was given a soft-reveal back in March 2016 after Devolver Digital stepped in to become its official publisher. The brutal top-down shooter is set in the dismal cyberpunk metropolis of “Rengkok”, controlled by the vast “HEAVEN” corporation; the player and their rogue hacker companion are tasked with the vengeful mission of dismantling HEAVEN and the addicts of their “Virtuality” product, by whatever violent means necessary.

Though Reikon has been somewhat quiet regarding the future of RUINER after being delayed past its 2016 release window, a new gameplay trailer appeared during the mock E3 2017 presentation held by Devolver, highlighting a plethora of firearms, melee weapons and techniques at the player’s disposal; the trailer has shown up once again, this time with an additional stinger, and a concrete release date for the end of September.

RUINER will finally release for PC, Xbox One and PS4 on 9/26.

Source: Reikon Games
Images courtesy of Reikon Games, Devolver Digital

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