“Project Octopath Traveler” Demo Releases For Nintendo Switch

The still untitled “Octopath Traveler” from the Producer of Bravely Default is ready to be experienced on the Nintendo Switch.

From Acquire, Square Enix and the Producer of Bravely Default comes Octopath Traveler, a new “HD-2D” JRPG in development exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. The title was first teased during the Nintendo Switch’s debut presentation in March, but still holds the working title of “Project Octopath Traveler”; no further details were given outside of the project’s development in Unreal Engine 4.

Square Enix’s upcoming game sees players embarking on an epic journey through the eyes of eight individual characters with his or her own unique paths through an expansive fantasy world. Today’s 45-minute Nintendo Direct shed more details on the title regarding both gameplay and story execution. Though each character has a predetermined role within the overarching story, Square Enix is placing an emphasis on a player-driven outcome for each character, based on their actions through dialogue and gameplay; though players are bound to an individual character at the start of a new game, he or she may find and convince any of the remaining seven to join his or her party at some point during the quest.

Square Enix is taking an alternate approach to the traditional turn-based gameplay of JRPGs: For each of the player’s turns in a battle, he or she will earn a “Boost Point”, used for upgrading abilities during the fight; examples given in today’s extended trailer include enhanced attack strength and the ability to link multiple attacks during a single turn. A mechanic found in more action-oriented 3D RPGs, enemies possess “Weak Points” that can be exploited in the tide of battle; a successful attack on a Weak Point will do extra damage and potentially stun opponents for a turn.

The demo for Project Octopath Traveler can be downloaded free of charge through the Nintendo Switch eShop. A date has not been set, but Square Enix will open a survey for demo-feedback sometime in the near future. Project Octopath Traveler is expected to see a simultaneous worldwide release in 2018.

Source: Nintendo
Image courtesy of Square Enix, Nintendo, Acquire

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