‘ARMS’ “Version 3.0” Update Now Available

A new batch of free content for ARMS is ready for download, including a new character, weapons, and more.

Announced just last month, the latest update for ARMS is officially here. The “Version 3.0” update for Nintendo’s new Switch-exclusive Fighter brings the second free DLC character into the roster- “Lola Pop”; a street-performing ARMS League contender, Lola Pop is a street-performing clown with a penchant for candy, displayed by her candied hair, gumdrop earrings and gummy-arms. ARMS’s latest character is also one of the most mobile entrants yet, possessing the ability to bounce and dash-cancel out of her inflated Guard state. Lola Pop comes equipped with three new Arms weapons- the swinging “Funchuks”, distraction-based “Biffler”, and the stationary shield-parry “Clapback”. Lola’s home turf of “Via Dolce” will be included as an additional stage, featuring a winding arena situated in the center of a public market square.

Today’s update also gives ARMS players the essential option to customize the control scheme for all playstyles and controller orientations; even the “Thumbs-Up Grip” players are recognized, and now have the ability to adjust the sensitivity for movement, and offensive and defensive gestures.

ARMS is available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. The latest update may be installed through the Options menu for ARMS on the Home Screen.

Source: Nintendo
Images courtesy of Nintendo

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