‘Overwatch’ “Hanzo” And “Genji” Nendoroid Pre-Orders Close Monday

Overwatch fans have the rest of this weekend to pre-order collectible figures of the Shimada brothers before their official release next year.

After the success of Blizzard’s first-party Tracer statue, collectible manufacturers worldwide are jumping on the Overwatch train with various figures, plushies and statues expected to release through the end of 2018. Though Blizzard may have more statues planned for the future, Good Smile Company and its subsidiaries already have a slew of Nendoroids and Figma collectibles already available for Overwatch fans to pre-order.

Following the announced Tracer, Mercy and Mei Nendoroids, brothers Hanzo Shimada and Genji Shimada will join the three ladies of Overwatch with their own pair of collectibles expected to release next Summer. Both Shimada brothers are depicted in their default warrior’s tunic and cyborg armor “Classic” outfits, just with a shrunken “Chibi” style. The Hanzo Nendoroid comes equipped with additional display parts to capture the essence and energy of the Dragonstrike “Ultimate” ability; Genji features adjustable chest plates, and a double-jointed neck for extended movement, and accent pieces to recreate the powerful Dragonblade Ultimate strike.

Both the Hanzo and Genji Nendoroid collectibles from Good Smile Company can be pre-ordered through Play-Asia, Solaris Japan and AmiAmi for $36.22-$43.97; though the collectibles aren’t expected to release until Summer 2018, Play-Asia’s initial pre-order window will close this Monday, 12/4.

GSC’s Tracer and Mei Nendoroids released earlier this year, but the previously mentioned Mercy collectible is expected to arrive sometime in late-January/early-February.

Sources: Play-Asia, Solaris Japan, AmiAmi, Good Smile Company, Blizzard
Images courtesy of Blizzard, Good Smile Company

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