‘Lost Soul Aside’ Demo And Gameplay Shown At PSX 2017

Bing Yang’s former solo-project Lost Soul Aside graced the PSX show floor with a playable demo and a brief sizzle-reel.

Sony’s PlayStation Experience 2017 has been admittedly underwhelming this year, favoring interviews and corporate dialogue over game footage and developer updates, but the event wasn’t without its share of surprises. Many of the presentation announcements lost their luster due to being late re-releases or repeats of what was shown the previous evening during The Game Awards, but PSX 2017 hosted new footage of Soul Calibur VI, a handful of PSVR reveals, and the surprise announcement of PS4 remaster of the original MediEvil.

Despite its absence from Sony’s stage presentation, a small indie game was establishing dominance on the show floor- Lost Soul Aside. What began as a solo-development project from China’s Bing Yang, Lost Soul Aside is appears to be a story-rich high-octane Action game produced through Unreal Engine 4. A trip through YouTube and the archives of the official Unreal forums will reveal the future title began as a humble animation test set in a fantasy world with supernatural elements and Southeast Asian cultural influence. 2016’s debut trailer showcases just how ambitious this project is, hinting at a journey of introspection and a truly expansive multi-regional world filled with challenging foes.

Now under the helm of Ultizero Games, Yang’s project is still a work-in-progress, but a playable build of Lost Soul Aside was present at PSX 2017 as part of Sony’s China Hero Project Chinese indie program. Some may compare its visual themes to Square Enix’s recent Final Fantasy XV, with the protagonist’s leaving blue energy-trails as the most striking comparison, but Lost Soul Aside hovers more towards the Platinum Games corner of Action RPGs, leaning on frantic combat and wild air-based techniques. For those who weren’t able to attend PlayStation Experience, Yang provided gamers with a 40s gameplay reel showcasing Lost Soul Aside in its current state.

Lost Soul Aside is still in development and lacks a proper release window, but an October interview from Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan and Asia Director Kenji Kajiwara, Ultizero Games’s debut title will release first for the PS4 before its potential arrival on other platforms.

Source: Bing Yang/Ultizero Games
Images courtesy of Bing Yang, Unreal

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