‘Lost Soul Aside’, “China Hero Project” Titles Shown At PlayStation China 2018


New footage from Yang Bing’s promising Action-RPG emerged during the PlayStation China 2018 conference earlier this week alongside four new China Hero Project titles.

The “China Hero Project” is Sony’s initiative to support and fund Chinese game developers, be they single-individual projects or the works of a seasoned team of industry veterans. The project currently has support from the likes of Unity, Epic Games, CRI Middleware (“CRIWARE”), and Silicon Studio, all of whom share the idea of expanding the Chinese gaming market. According to Sony’s own statement on the program, Sony and the PlayStation brand are committed to the future “cultivation and development of Chinese game industry”.

Among the projects within the China Hero Project is Lost Soul Aside. The title first appeared online in 2016 as an ambitious solo project from developer Yang Bing, however Bing has since gathered other talents together to form Ultizero Games in hopes of completing the game for an eventual PS4 release. After a lenghty hiatus following Sony’s PlayStation Experience 2017, Lost Soul Aside resurfaced days ago as part of the China Hero Project reel at PlayStation China 2018. The new footage clocks-in at just over one minute, and serves to tease new character “Zenthya”, but the wild intensity and beautiful visuals provided by Unreal Engine 4 are sure to please fans of frantic, story-heavy Action-RPGs.

The complete set of China Hero Project games featured during the PlayStation China Conference can be viewed in the reel below, which includes sci-fi VR Adventure game Kill X, the zero-gravity competitive shooter Project Boundary, a personality-rich tease at zombie game Pervader, and the fast-paced 2D side-scrolling Action mech title Hardcore Mecha.

Lost Soul Aside is currently in development for the PS4.

Sources: Ultizero Games (via Yang Bing), Sony
Image courtesy of Ultizero Games

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