New ‘Nintendo Labo’ “Vehicle Kit” Coming This September

Hit the road, take to the skies, and explore the seas with the next Nintendo Labo construction kit this September.

One of Nintendo’s more “Nintendo” actions regarding their latest console, Nintendo unveiled Labo earlier this year, a series of interactive construction sets for the Nintendo Switch. Presumably short for “Nintendo Laboratory”, each Labo kit contains a series of cardboard construction templates and an accompanying Switch cartridge with various activities; while the Robot Kit centers around building a contraption that lets users pilot an on-screen robot, the Variety Kit includes a multitude of little projects and a DIY feature that lets Variety Kit owners create and program their own creations from scratch. Apart from the numerous musical arrangements crafted within the Labo Piano project, some of the more robust custom creations include a small vending machine, and a working homage to the Game And Watch Ball game:

Nintendo gave Switch owners a tease at the third Nintendo Labo kit earlier this week with a new trailer for the “Vehicle Kit”. Officially titled “Toy-Con 3: Vehicle Kit”, the package includes a handful of vehicle-based projects outside those included in “Toy-Con 1: Variety Kit”. As shown in the teaser below, the upcoming cardboard-construction kit includes projects that let users drive and pilot a car, plane and submarine; teased builds include a steering wheel with detached pedals, a joystick for flight controls, and a dual-wheel box allowing for submarine navigation; keeping with the vehicle theme, each project is activated with a special key-fob built around the IR-equipped right Joy-Con controller.

Toy-Con 3: Vehicle Kit can be pre-ordered for $69.99, and is scheduled to release on 9/14. The package includes a physical Vehicle Kit cartridge, 26 cardboard templates, string, multiple sets of rubber bands, and two sticker sheets for customization.

Source: Nintendo
Images courtesy of Nintendo

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