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Deus Ex: I Never Asked For This – Coming Soon

Artwork courtesy of Doubleleaf

(Artwork courtesy of Doubleleaf)

He never asked to be augmented. He never asked to become more than the average man. He never asked for any extra “enhancements”.

Adam Jensen never asked for it…but the ladies did.

“Deus Ex: I Never Asked For This”, coming on Friday.


Alice: Passion Returns: Part 2 Preview

“What’s wrong with me cat?”

“I believe the question ‘What isn’t wrong with me, cat’ would benefit you much more, Alice.”

It had been months since she left from her personal Hell within London. She had found nothing more than the same dark isolation that possessed her during those dreary days at Rutledge. But in this moment, something began to blossom within her. A heat. A fire of temptation. It rose within, heating up every muscle in her tender, feminine body. She could taste the sensation of lust on her lips…”My word, Cat…I think this is….love.”


Assassin’s Seed II: Part 4 Preview

assassins creed ii

This was the fourth time he came in, sweat glazed across his firm, masculine brow.
Ezio. A man of many talents. Many…physical talents. He came often to see me for my services. Oh, how I longed for his commanding presence to appear within my quarters. Perhaps one day, he might request other services of me…My hands have always been known for crafting and artistry…perhaps they could have other uses…

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