‘Jet Set Radio’ “Beat” Statue Now Available For Pre-Order

Pre-orders have officially begun for the first Jet Set Radio statue from collectible manufacturer First 4 Figures.

Last week, the First 4 Figures Facebook page teased a new collectible statue for Jet Set Radio fans. No details were announced, however the collectibles company posted a teaser picture of one of the franchise’s protagonists, Beat. Earlier today, the Beat statue was officially revealed on the First 4 Figures website.

The Jet Set Radio “Beat” Statue depicts the 17-year-old Tokyo-to skater and GG founder grinding across a rail with spray-can in hand. Not only does the 14″ tall statue reflect the vibrant cel-shaded style of Jet Set Radio, but the underside of the railing includes faux-grass for an added touch of realism. As with other First 4 items, each 1/6 scale Beat statue is hand-painted and sculpted from polystone. The “grind sparks” behind each foot include LEDs that flash and flicker when turned on.

Each Jet Set Radio Beat Statue is hand-numbered and packaged with an “Authenticity Card” that allows the buyer to select a statue with a specific number; as Beat is the fourth statue in First 4’s “Sega All-Stars” series, anyone who purchased a previous statue with a specific number, can purchase the same number Beat statue.

Anyone interested in pre-ordering the Jet Set Radio Beat Statue can do so through the First 4 Figures website; statues will run at $229.99. and require an initial payment of $15. Only 1250 statues will be released worldwide; units are expected to ship sometime in Q2 2015.

Source: First 4 Figures
Images courtesy of First 4 Figures, Sega

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