‘Bloodborne’ Diorama Available For Pre-Order

Sony is finally offering merchandise and collectible memorabilia for the highly successful PS4-exclusive, Bloodborne.

From Software’s Bloodborne released last month as a PS4-exclusive title. The challenging, brooding RPG is the first next-gen title by From Software, borrowing¬†several elements from its spiritual predecessors. Unlike the¬†medieval fantastical setting of Demon’s Souls and the Dark Souls franchise, Bloodborne thrusts players into the plague-ridden city of Yharnam, overrun with mutated hunters and deadly beasts.

Avid Bloodborne fans and memorabilia collectors now have the opportunity to own a new diorama, depicting the “default” Hunter slashing through an infected resident of Yharnam. Standing at 10″ tall, the highly detailed “Bloodborne Diorama” is sculpted from polystone:

The diorama can be pre-ordered through Sony’s PlayStation Gear page for $220; each purchase requires an initial deposit of $100, which is deducted from the total retail price. Those who decide to cancel their pre-orders can do so within two weeks of purchase for a full-refund; a 20% cancellation fee is charged for those who cancel after the two-week period ends.

An official release date has not been scheduled, however the “Bloodborne Diorama” is expected to release sometime in September 2015. Other Bloodborne merchandise, including a messenger bag and assorted apparel, is currently available to purchase through the PlayStation Gear store.

Source: Sony
Images courtesy of From Software, Sony

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