Blizzard Reveals New ‘Overwatch’ Character, Three New Videos Released

A new hero is coming to Overwatch, as three new videos highlight the battle-hardened veteran of war “Solider: 76”.

From the creators of StarCraft, World of Warcraft and Diablo, comes Overwatch, a brand new PC-exclusive IP from Blizzard. First shown during BlizzCon 2014, Overwatch is a competitive team-based FPS with two confirmed gameplay modes; teams can engage in a territory-war in Point Capture, or provide an armed escort of a cart in Payload. Players can choose between many classes or “Heroes”, each with his or her- or its- own unique abilities. Practically every style of gameplay is represented by a Hero, ranging from Zarya’s heavy weaponry and Hanzo’s parkour abilities, to Widowmaker’s infrared vision and Tracer’s time-bending teleportation.

Earlier today, Blizzard officially revealed the 15th character for their first FPS to be “Soldier: 76”, the fallen leader of the original “Overwatch” defense team. Before taking the alias of “76”, Commander Jack Morrison lead the original Overwatch team in a series of missions to thwart worldwide terrorism. Failed missions, conspiracy and an “inside job” led to the destruction of Overwatch’s headquarters, and the presumed death of the original team- most of them.

Morrison/Soldier:76 uses a rapid-fire Heavy Pulse Rifle as his primary weapon, and a multi-shot Helix Rocket for his secondary. While not necessarily a “Medic” class, 76 can place a temporary healing node on the ground, restoring the health of any surrounding teammates. His cooldown-based ability activates the Tactical Visor, allowing Soldier: 76 to auto-lock onto multiple enemies.

A release date has not been scheduled for Overwatch, however a Beta test is scheduled for later this year.

Source: Blizzard
Image courtesy of Blizzard

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