‘Shadow Complex Remastered’ Coming Next Year, Available Now For PC

Shadow Complex Remastered is coming to consoles and PC next year, though proactive PC gamers can get it sooner than most would expect- as in right now.

An early ratings classification may have outed it early, but Shadow Complex is finally jumping to other platforms. The 2.5D action/stealth/platformer hybrid from developer Chair was originally released back in 2009 as an XBLA title, and has since been the recipient of over 50 awards. Since its Microsoft-exclusive debut on the 360, fans have demanded that the sleeper-hit be released on other platforms.

During last night’s 2015 Game Awards presentation, Chair co-founder and Creative Director Donald Mustard announced Shadow Complex Remastered, a complete overhaul of the original title in Unreal Engine 3. The revamped edition will also feature new melee mechanics and additional Master Challenges. To the delight of many, the updated version will release for Xbox One, PS4 and PC:

Shadow Complex Remastered is expected to release in Q1 2016, however if PC gamers act quickly, they can download a free copy of the full game right now. The proprietary Epic Games client is required to download first, but Chair and Epic are offering Shadow Complex Remastered absolutely free through 12/31 through the official website.

Source: Epic Games
Image courtesy of Chair, Epic Games

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