Telltale Announces New “Batman” Game At The Game Awards

From Westeros to Pandora, Telltale has its sights set on Gotham City with a new Batman game launching in 2016.

Telltale Games has quite the history of bringing reputable properties into the realm of video games. The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, The Wolf Among Us, and Back to the Future all received the Telltale treatment, with narrative-driven and primarily episodic gameplay segments that flesh out the universes of each franchise. With the recent episodic adaptation of Game of Thrones, the Telltale saga fills in gaps within the HBO version of George R.R. Martin’s lore, while spinning its own original tale for fans to experience. Two previously existing game franchises were given their own Telltale spin, with Tales from the Borderlands and Minecraft: Story Mode.

What may have come as a surprise to many, Telltale is now developing a new title based on DC Comics’s Batman property. The “World’s Greatest Detective” is no stranger to video games- the Arkham saga from Rocksteady and WB Games Montreal holds numerous awards as is- however this will presumably be the first Batman title with a focus on quick-time events and an evolving choice-driven plot.

No other details have been announced for Telltale’s Batman, however the title is currently scheduled to launch in 2016.

Image courtesy of Telltale Games, DC Comics

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