‘Freedom Planet 2’ Announced, Debut Teaser Revealed

With the Kingdom Stone gone, evil rises yet again in the debut trailer for Freedom Planet 2.

Developed as a tribute to the classic Sega Genesis platformers, Freedom Planet released for PC in Summer 2014; the sleeper-hit was later ported to the Wii U this past October. Following the unlikely team-up of an anthromorphic dragon, cat and a duck-like alien, the three heroes embark on a quest of adventure and political intrigue, in hopes of finding the powerful Kingdom Stone. Freedom Planet was praised for its retro-inspired gameplay, however critics had mixed opinions regarding the title’s length and the pacing of the story.

Yesterday morning, GalaxyTrail offered a Christmas present of their own to the fans of Freedom Planet with a debut teaser trailer for the sequel, Freedom Planet 2. In part to the destruction of the Kingdom Stone, the ancient deity Merga has been released from her underwater prison.

Freedom Planet 2 features returning heroines Lilac, Carol and Milla as the three playable characters, and will still feature levels catered for both speed-runners and players who enjoy exploration. An official release window has not been confirmed, however Freedom Planet 2 is currently in-development for PC/Mac/Linux.

Source: GalaxyTrail
Image courtesy of GalaxyTrail

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