‘Lollipop Chainsaw’ “Juliet Starling” Figure Coming Next Year

Typos aside, Virtual Toys is bringing the zombie-slaying cheerleader into the hands of collectors sometime in 2016.

Apart from a handful of exceptions, the average zombie-killing protagonist is either a grizzled humorless veteran of violence, or an average Joe thrust into chaos against his or her will…. And then there’s Juliet Starling.

From Grasshopper Manufacture, Kadokawa Games and WB Games, Lollipop Chainsaw was the brainchild of Suda51 from Shadows of the Damned, Killer is Dead and No More Heroes fame, and James Gunn, writer of “Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unlimited”, “Slither”, “Guardians of the Galaxy” and its upcoming sequel. The title also features music from composer Akira Yamaoka and Mindless Self Indulgence front-man Jimmy Urine. A suitably bizarre take on the zombie-slaying sub-genre, Lollipop Chainsaw thrusts players into the role of Juliet Starling, a high school cheerleader thrilled with her side occupation as a professional zombie-killer. With the help of her decapitated boyfriend-on-a-keychain and her family of demon hunters, Juliet must save the town from the zombie apocalypse led by four music-inspired lords of the underworld.

Yesterday morning, collectible manufacturer Virtual Toys released several screenshots for their upcoming Juliet Starling figure expected to release next year. The 1/6 scale 12in/30cm “Chainsaw Girl” figure is fully posable with a stainless steel joint skeleton, and a series of interchangeable parts; the Juliet Starling figure will include 4 hands, a watch, red and pink lollipops, a figure stand, and two additional zombie heads as display pieces. Her unfortunately decapitated boyfriend, Nick’s head can also be attached to Juliet’s waistband.

An official release window has not been announced, however the Lollipop Chainsaw “Chainsaw Girl” Juliet Starling figure will be available to pre-order through through BBCIN Online for 880 CNY (est. $136 USD).

Source: BBCIN
Images courtesy of Virtual Toys, Kadokawa Games, Grasshopper Manufacture, WB Games

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