‘The King Of Fighters XIV’ Trailer Shows Off Returning Favorites, New Wrestling Dinosaur

Terry, King, Ralf and Clark are just some of the familiar faces featured in the latest trailer for The King of Fighters XIV.

One of gaming’s longest-running fighting game franchises, The King of Fighters returns after a five-year absence with its PS4-exclusive fourteenth installment. A 2D cross-over featuring characters from the SNK archives, KOF was one of the first fighting game properties to feature a distinct round-table gameplay system: Players select a team of three fighters and their playable order; after each round, the next character is selected, while the previous winner continues with the remaining health from the previous fight; the match ends when a player’s entire team is defeated.

KOF XIV surfaced late last year to the sound of polarized fans; following the 2011 console release of KOF XIII, the next title is the first 3D installment since 2006’s KOF: Maximum Impact 2/KOF 2006. The PS4-exclusive Fighter will include just over 50 characters, many of which are returning from earlier games in the series. The latest teaser trailer highlights returning favorites Terry, Leona, K’, Kula, Angel, King and others, along with the first look at a brand new character; debuting in KOF XIV, the “King of Dinosaurs” is a grapple fighter, equipped with a feathered raptor┬ámask and tail.

The King of Fighters XIV will release later this year for the PS4; concrete release dates have not been revealed.

Source: SNK Playmore
Image courtesy of SNK Playmore

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