‘MGSV: The Phantom Pain’ Full-Scale “Bionic Arm” Replica Coming This May

The full-scale Bionic Arm replica featured in the Japanese MGSV: The Phantom Pain Collector’s Edition will be available as a stand-alone product this Summer.

After 28 years, the Kojima-led Metal Gear Solid franchise came to an epic close with Metal Gear Solid V. The final chapter of the military espionage saga was divided into two titles; Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes served as a prequel and introduction to the new open-world mechanics and observation-based gameplay, with Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain acting as the lengthy main course, picking up after Venom Snake awakes from a 9 year coma. Gamers had an option of purchasing a Collector’s Edition of MGSV: TPP with region-specific goodies: The North American CE featured multiple in-game items, a map of both Afghanistan and Africa, collectible Steelbook case and a 1/2 scale replica of Venom Snake’s “Bionic Arm”; Japanese gamers were offered a more expensive version, featuring an art book and full-scale replica of the Bionic Arm; European Metal Gear fans could purchase not just a PAL version of the NA CE, but also a limited edition red MGSV: TPP PS4 console.

MGSV TPP Collector's Edition NA MGSV TPP Collector's Edition JP MGSV TPP Limited Edition PS4 EU

While the rest of the world missed out on obtaining the full-scale Bionic Arm from the Japanese Collector’s Edition, premium-level collectible manufacturer Sentinel will release the Bionic Arm as a stand-alone product this May. An official price has not been set, however the collectible will soon be open for purchase worldwide. The original Bionic Arm measured 50cm/19.7in in length from the elbow-housing to tip of the middle finger; the re-release is minutely shorter at 42cm/16.5in. Sculpted from ABS and POM materials, the collectible is fully articulate, and capable of holding lightweight items, as shown with a Dualshock 3 controller and a replica “iDroid” (or an iPhone with the iDroid protective case).

A price has not been confirmed, however the original model from the Japanese Collector’s Edition occasionally shows up on eBay between $150-300. The MGSV: The Phantom Pain 1/1 scale Bionic Arm replica is expected to release this May. This isn’t the only MGSV¬†collectible from Sentinel, as their $300¬†“Metal Gear Sahelanthropus” statue is expected to release this month.

Images courtesy of Kojima Productions, Konami, Sentinel, Play-Asia

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