‘Shantae’, ‘Freedom Planet’, ‘Darksiders II’ Featured In Nintendo Humble Bundle

It’s Nintendo’s turn to shine in the latest pay-what-you-want Humble Bundle.

For more than 6 years, Humble Bundle has been giving gamers, movie enthusiasts and bookworms the chance to give to charity, and receive a ton of products at a steal of a discount. Humble Bundle purchasers not only have the option of setting their own price for the bundle, but the proceeds can be divided however the purchaser sees fit between the developers or represented organization, various charities, or Humble Bundle themselves. Previous high-profile bundles included games from EA, Devolver Digital (5 days remaining), Square Enix, Gearbox, and of course the reoccurring ever-popular Humble Indie Bundle series.

For the next 12 days as of this article, Humble Bundle will be offering the “Humble Friends of Nintendo Bundle”. For the second time in Humble Bundle’s history following the “Nintendo Nindie Bundle”, the deal features a set of Nintendo exclusives to be redeemed digitally for the Wii U and 3DS. For the minimum price of $1, purchasers will receive Retro City Rampage: DX (3DS), Affordable Space Adventures (Wii U) and Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse (Wii U/3DS). Anyone who contributes more than the current average of $9.75 will also receive Freedom Planet (Wii U), Rhythm Thief and the Emperor’s Treasure (3DS), Citizens of Earth (Wii U/3DS) and a Retro City Rampage: DX Home Theme for the 3DS, with more titles to come over the duration of the sale.

Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition (3DS) and Darksiders II (Wii U) will be added to the bundle for anyone who pays a minimum of $13.

Again, proceeds can be divided between Nintendo, Humble Bundle, and represented charities and SOS Children’s Villages International. The Humble Friends of Nintendo Bundle will end on 5/9.

Source: Humble Bundle
Image courtesy of WayForward

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