‘Persona 5’ Coming To Japan This September, Limited Edition Revealed

After a year of anticipation, Persona 5 finally has a definitive release date- just not for North America.

It’s been 13 months since the first gameplay trailer debuted for Persona 5. Developer and publisher Atlus recently stated that new Persona details were expected to drop today; not only do fans have a new trailer to indulge in, but a concrete release date and first look at a limited edition version.

Continuing the Shin Megami Tensei spin-off series with a brand new cast and setting, the latest trailer for Persona 5 shows off more of the title’s anime cutscenes, all while dropping little hints of bosses, additional playable characters, new environments, and more of the stylish UI.

As shown in the final moments of the trailer, the Japanese release of Persona 5 will also come with an alternate limited edition, including a 5-CD physical soundtrack, DLC and an art book.

Atlus also released a new interview video with internal P-Studio Director Katsura Hashino, however the feature is currently presented in Japanese without English subtitles. While the information at hand may temporarily be lost in translation for some, viewers can catch a glimpse of the new real-time stealth and cover mechanics, along with the new ability to stealth-attack enemies before initiating the RPG action phase.

Persona 5 will release exclusively for theg PS4 and PS3 in Japan on 9/15; North American and European release windows have not been confirmed.

Source: Atlus
Image courtesy of Atlus

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