‘The Silver Case’ Remake Coming To PC This Fall

Teased during PAX East 2016. Grasshopper Manufacture’s The Silver Case is getting an extreme overhaul when it releases on PC later this year.

While Grasshopper Manufacture fans were busy checking out Let It Die at PAX East 2016, Playism and Goichi Suda “Suda51” were busy teasing another cryptic project. A cryptic message was uploaded to Suda51’s social media channels, that when deciphered simply said “The Silver Case”, a reference to Grasshopper’s obscure 1999 murder-mystery game of the same name. The message was partnered with a new teaser website-– only showing three glass shards.

Over the past few days, more glass has been appearing on BelieveInTheInternet, constructing a heavily stylized series of words. The message was finally made clear this morning, as the cryptic image now spells out “The Silver Case”. The original title released for the PS1 exclusively for Japanese audiences, and later as a Japan-exclusive PSOne Classic title on PSN. A Nintendo DS version reached the concept table, but was cancelled before it saw the light of day.

Set to release later this year, The Silver Case will see a complete remake on PC. The point-and-click murder-mystery title will feature the two original stories told from the perspectives of a detective and a freelance writer covering the same bizarre case; a series of murders are believed to have been committed a notorious serial killer, except he’s behind bars at the time of the incidents.┬áThe PC remake of The Silver Case runs on a new game engine for enhanced graphics; text windows and information boxes can also be moved around the screen at will, as the player is often tasked with overlooking case files and evidence. Because the original title only released in Japanese, some of the puzzles have been altered due to a direct link with Japanese symbols. A trailer is not available, however Grasshopper Manufacture released a couple of screenshots comparing the original and remake side-by-side:

The Silver Case will release worldwide for PC this Fall with support for both English and Japanese.

Source: Grasshopper Manufacture
Images courtesy of Grasshopper Manufacture, Playsim

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