‘Fear Effect Sedna’ Officially Funded, 24 Hours Left In Kickstarter

Fear Effect fans rejoice, the series will officially return after 15 years with Fear Effect Sedna.

Last month, developer Sushee Games took to Kickstarter with hopes of reviving the lost Fear Effect franchise. Courtesy of the Square Enix Collective program, the studio was able to conceptualize a new game for the Fear Effect saga- Fear Effect Sedna. The title retains the core atmosphere, personas and supernatural-thriller elements of the PS1-exclusive titles, however Sedna will bring players into uncharted territory, re-imagining the saga as an isometric tactical game. Shown in the latest developer diary from Sushee, players will still interact with series icons Hana, Rain, Glas and Deke, all while encountering the difficult enemies and frustrating puzzles that have become synonymous with the Fear Effect franchise.

To the joy of Fear Effect fans and Sushee Games alike- as seen in their recent “#dancingsusheeguys” Tweet- Fear Effect Sedna reached its initial funding goal last night. The Kickstarter campaign is near closed, however fans can still contribute to the available tiers, with those at €60/$68 or higher gaining access to a playable Beta at launch.

For those curious as to how each character’s mechanics will translate from the fixed-camera Fear Effect titles into Fear Effect Sedna, Sushee provided a brief explanation on each character’s own gameplay traits:

Fear Effect Sedna Gameplay Banner Hana

  • Hana is equipped with two pistols as seen in the previous games, with her primary skill allowing her to pickpocket enemies to gain access cards and other key items. Hana’s Stress Level directly affects how easily she can be detected by enemies.

Fear Effect Sedna Gameplay Banner Rain

  • Though she isn’t playable for a large portion of Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix, Rain will return using uzis as her main weapons. The tech-savvy other half to Hana, Rain can hack terminals and security feeds, and disguise herself with uniforms looted from fallen enemies.

Fear Effect Sedna Gameplay Banner Glas

  • With his trusted magnum at the ready, Glas can defuse traps and disarm bombs. Glas is one of the more battle-ready characters of Fear Effect Sedna, as he can not only throw grenades, but the mercenary can use dead enemies as a temporary shield.

Fear Effect Sedna Gameplay Banner Deke

  • A purely offensive character who kills for the thrill, Deke has been reworked for close-combat, using a shotgun and knuckle-dusters as his main weapons. If the situation gets too crowded, Deke can use a flamethrower for crowd-control, or throw Molotov cocktails. 

Fear Effect Sedna Gameplay Banner Axel

  • Making his debut in Fear Effect Sedna, Axel is a brand new character to the universe, aiding the team with his elite sniping experience. Axel can be used for long-range stealth attacks, as he turns completely invisible to enemy units while in cover.

Fear Effect Sedna is projected to release for PC, Xbox One and PS4 sometime next year. 21 hours remain, with the campaign sitting at $118,303. It has not been revealed if Fear Effect fans can contribute post-campaign as a “slacker backer”.

Source: Kickstarter
Images courtesy of Sushee Games, Square Enix

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