‘Battlefield 1’ Gameplay Debut Shown At E3 2016

The first look at Battlefield 1 in-game footage has finally arrived, complete with trains, horses, tanks, and airships.

One of the most anticipated shooters of the year, Battlefield 1 was revealed last month as an alternate take on World War I; DICE’s rendition will feature weaponry and vehicles of war not seen for another 30 years following the end of WWI.

Moments ago, Battlefield fans got their first look at in-game footage during EA’s E3 2016 EA Play conference. According to DICE General Manager Patrick Bach, Battlefield 1 will feature improved “levolution” with more dynamic destructible environments. Some multiplayer maps within Battlefield 4 featured alternating weather conditions, however the upcoming WWI installment will have random dynamic weather patterns across each map. As hinted at within the original announcement trailer, players will have access to new “Behemoth” vehicles; these larger-than-life vehicles can support multiple players on land or in the skies, with players piloting airships, battleships and trains.

A multiplayer beta will be held this Summer, with EA Access, and Origin and Battlefield Insider members gaining access before the general public. Battlefield 1 will release for PC, Xbox One and PS4 on 10/21.

Source: EA
Image courtesy of DICE, EA

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