‘Street Fighter V’ Gets Season 2 Characters, “Akuma” Coming This Month

The Raging Demon himself is the first of another six characters scheduled for the next season of Street Fighter V.

Previously teased by Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono, Street Fighter antagonist Akuma is returning to the series later this month. Following his cameo in Tekken 7, Akuma will have a moderately redesigned appearance for Street Fighter V; the half-demon fighter now sports what can only be described as a “lion’s maine” of red hair with a topknot above his forehead. Akuma’s traditional “Heaven” gi kanji has been replaced once again by the “God Like” symbol as seen on Shin Akuma’s back in other Capcom fighting games.

Capcom previously claimed that Street Fighter V‘s DLC distribution architecture would allow the developers to continually release new content without forcing players to buy¬†additional “upgraded” versions. Announced at the end of Akuma’s trailer is the second season of Street Fighter V characters- another five in total. Though the details are scarce, players can either purchase the five characters together through another Season Pass, individually, or acquire them in-game through their stocked-up points.

Akuma will release on 12/20, with the Season 2 characters coming throughout 2017. Street Fighter V is available on PC and PS4.

Source: Capcom
Image courtesy of Capcom

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