“Akuma” Confirmed For ‘Street Fighter V’

After his appearance in Tekken 7, the raging demon returnsĀ to the Street Fighter franchise.

The “fifth” installment of the Street Fighter saga released earlier this year for PC and PS4 just in time for EVO 2016. The controversial EVO-window release resulted in a significant lack of content, however copious updates have since granted Street Fighter V new DLC characters and an expansive Story Mode that bridges the gap between Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter III.

Shortly after the SFV Grand Finals at the Red Bull Grounds tournament, Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono made a surprise announcement revealing Akuma for Street Fighter V. Akuma- or “Gouki”- is regarded as one of the most powerful characters in the complete Street Fighter universe; the character first appears as a hidden final boss in Street Fighter II, and appears in the majority of later titles as Ryu’s power-hungry rival. Akuma’s thirst for strength eventually transforms him into the ascendedĀ “Shin Akuma”, and the demigod “Oni” after sacrificing his own humanity.

Akuma is teased in the 27s clip below, highlighting his new “Raging Demon” animation. Details are still scarce, however Akuma’s Gi kanji roughly translates to “God Like” (normally the kanji for “Heaven”), suggesting the fighter may appear as Shin Akuma, or have the power to transform with his V-Trigger technique.

A release date has yet to be announced, however Akuma will be playable at the PlayStation Experience event in Anaheim, CA between 12/3-12/4.

Source: Capcom
Image courtesy of Capcom

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