‘Tekken 7’ Trailer Showcases “Bryan”, “Bob”, “Hwoarang” And More

The first Tekken 7 “Character Episode” trailer highlights eight combatants coming to the console and PC versions this Summer.

Despite a series of tournaments and an almost endless stream of promotional content, Tekken 7 still has yet to release outside of Japanese arcades. The seventh core installment of the series will mark the franchise’s debut on current-gen consoles, and the series’s first title developed with Unreal Engine 4; disregarding the bizarre cross-over Street Fighter X Tekken, Tekken 7 is also the first game to feature a character from another franchise- Street Fighter‘s Akuma.

Bandai Namco released the first in a series of “Character Episode” trailers this weekend. The trailer is presented entirely in Japanese, but Tekken fans can still examine the signature techniques and fighting styles of Marshall Law, Feng Wei, Bob, Bryan Fury, Devil Jin, Hwoarang, Gigas and Katarina Alves in the 3 min. video below.

Tekken 7 will release for Xbox One and PS4 in Japan on 6/1, with the worldwide release coming the following day; the Steam version will also release on 6/2.

Source: Bandai Namco
Image courtesy of Bandai Namco

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