‘The King Of Fighters XIV’ “Classic Iori” Now Available, More DLC Announced

KOFXIV’s Iori costume kicks off a series of DLC items planned for Spring, including more costumes, stages and additional characters.

2016 marked the triumphant return of SNK’s cross-over franchise The King of Fighters with the PS4-exclusive fourteenth installment of the core series. In a bizarre twist that was ill-received upon its reveal, The King of Fighters XIV reverts back to 3D character models and environments- a visual style absent from the franchise since KOF Maximum Impact 2/KOF 2006. Initial grievances aside, KOFXIV went on to become one of the strongest Fighters of 2016, sporting a massive roster of 50 characters from SNK’s archives and a plethora of modes, including the heavily-requested ability to play the traditional 3-on-3 game with 6 individual players online.

The King of Fighters XIV developer SNK recently announced a string of upcoming DLC items courtesy of a new trailer shown at the KOF World Finals tournament last week. Starting with the new “Classic Iori” costume- available as of yesterday morning for some regions- SNK will release new costumes for Kula (“Diamond Sundress”), Sylvie (“Little Red Riding Hood”), Angel (“Diabolo”) and Meitenkun (“Pajamas”). Two additional stages set against the backdrops of Mount Rushmore and a harbor-based fighting tournament will also release sometime this Spring. Capping off the trailer is a tease for three more DLC characters, expanding the already impressive roster beyond 50 playable fighters; the three silhouettes are expected to be revealed next month.

The King of Fighters XIV is available exclusively for the PS4.

Source: SNK
Image courtesy of SNK


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