‘The King Of Fighters XIV’ Gets First New DLC Character This April

The first of the teased wave of DLC characters shines in the latest KOFXIV trailer.

KOF developer SNK recently announced a new wave of DLC for The King of Fighters XIV, including new stages, colors and extra characters. Adding onto the impressive launch roster of 50 characters- 31 returning, 19 brand new- the first new DLC character was revealed to be “Whip”. The whip-wielding soldier “Seirah” made her KOF debut in The King of Fighters ’99 as a new member of Team Ikari [Warriors] under her weapon-based nickname. Apart from her impressive display of hand-to-hand combat, Whip also fights with her signature NESTS-manufactured energy-whip; in previous installments of the franchise, her whip could transform into a sword, projectiles and a gun, though her KOFXIV incarnation appears to focus on short-range blitz attacks and long-range grappling.

Whip will release through PSN on 4/5 for $4.99. The King of Fighters XIV is currently available as a PS4-exclusive title.

Source: SNK Playmore
Image courtesy of SNK Playmore, Atlus



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