‘The King Of Fighters XIV’ Character “Ryuji Yamazaki” Returns As DLC

Psychopathic street thug Ryuji Yamazaki returns from a 14-year hiatus as the second DLC character for KOFXIV.

The second of the previously teased DLC characters, Ryuji Yamazaki was revealed through a new trailer from SNK this morning. Yamazaki made his debut in Fatal Fury 3 before joining SNK’s in-house cross-over saga in The King of Fighters 2002 and The King of Fighters 2003. An orphan living on the streets of Okinawa, Japan, Ryuji Yamazaki joined a local gang and eventually became a surrogate son to their leader Sorimachi. Yamazaki and Soramachi were ambushed by a rival gang upon visiting Osaka, resulting in Soramachi’s torture and untimely death. A mentally and emotionally disheveled Yamazaki created a new manic, sinister personality out of shock; in a fit of hysteria, Yamazaki murdered the rival gang members and fled to Hong Kong. Ten years later, SNK antagonists Billy Kane and Geese Howard requested Yazamaki’s presence in The King of Fighters tournament.

The KOFXIV incarnation of Ryuji Yamazaki does nothing to shortchange the insanity of the original, as the fighter can be seen launching blood-based projectiles and utilizing incredibly random objects as melee weapons, including a giant shark, a painting and sports equipment. Despite his 14-year absence from the series, the new Yamazaki still possesses the ability to absorb energy strikes and extend his arms beyond normal length at lighting-speeds.

SNK and publisher Atlus have not given an official release date for Ryuji Yamazaki, however the DLC price is expected to be $4.99. The King of Fighters XIV is currently available as a PS4 exclusive; the previously announced DLC character Whip will release on 4/5 for $4.99.

Source: Atlus
Image courtesy of SNK, Atlus

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