‘NieR: Automata’ DLC Adds Platinum Games And Square Enix CEO Boss Fights

The “strongest beings on the planet” are invading the world of NieR: Automata through a whimsically-named DLC pack.

With already 1 million copies sold across the PS4 and PC worldwide  NieR: Automata is already among the most successful new IPs of Spring. The joint adventure from Square Enix and Platinum Games follows several millennia after an alternate ending to NieR, where Earth is uninhabitable and ridden with hostile alien robots; the only traces of humanity reside among the androids of YoRHa and the Earth-stationed resistance forces, and the derelict structures of the late human race.

Automata publisher Square Enix held a livestream event earlier this week to celebrate the title’s worldwide praise, and to give fans a preview of future DLC content. Under the whimsical title of “3C3C1D11944927”, the upcoming DLC pack will include costumes from the original NieR for characters 2B, 9S and A2- the “Revealing Outfit”, “Young Man’s Outfit” and “Destroyer Outfit” as pictured below; players can also change the hair color and style for 2B and A2 through new items. Additional items include new music Records, new masks, and special bullet-manipulations that alter the appearance of enemy projectiles.

Cosmetics aside, 3C3C1D11944927 lets players test their fighting skills in several ranked enemy matches across three new Colosseums. The challenge culminates with a reality-breaking boss fight against the real-world Presidents CEOs of Square Enix and Platinum Games, Yosuke Matsuda and Kenichi Sato.

The 3C3C1D11944927 DLC pack has no official release date for North American and European audiences, but is expected to arrive in Japan on 5/2 for 1,500y/$13.77. NieR: Automata is available worldwide for the PS4 and PC via Steam.

Source: Square Enix
Images courtesy of Square Enix, Platinum Games

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