‘Battle Chef Brigade’ Kickstarter Closes, Over 260% Funded


The Kickstarter campaign for Trinket’s Battle Chef Brigade is officially over, with fans contributing more than $100,000 to the project.

This past September, Trinket Studios launched a Kickstarter campaign for Battle Chef Brigade. The potential PC/Mac/Linux title blends elements of cooking games (i.e. Cooking Mama and Dekamori Senran Kagurasort of) with RPG’s and side-scrolling action games. Between each cooking competition, players enter an arena to hunt a wide array dangerous creatures and various herbs. The spoils are brought back into the “cooking phase”, where a meal is prepared for a panel of judges.

Earlier today, the Battle Chef Brigade Kickstarter came to a close, though fans can still pre-order the game through Trinket’s official website. The crowdfunding campaign raised $100,344- 264% of the base goal of $38,000. Added stretch-goals included the extra “Skyland” region, leaderboard challenges, support for five additional languages, and extra announcer voices.

Battle Chef Brigade will be available for PC, Mac and Linux, and is projected to release in April 2016.

Sources: Kickstarter, Trinket Studios
Image courtesy of Trinket Studios

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