‘Battle Chef Brigade’ Cooks Up New Kickstarter Campaign


Crafted from 2 cups of Dragon’s Crown, a tablespoon of The Legend of Korra, and a dash of Dekamori Senran Kagura, Trinket Studios has taken to Kickstarter for their competitive-action-cooking-RPG Battle Chef Brigade.

Battle Chef Brigade is the latest project from the three-man crew Trinket Studios. The small trio of developers originated from Wideload Games (under Disney Interactive), and have since created Color Sheep and Orion’s Forge for iOS and Android devices; Color Sheep is also available for Windows Phone and through the Amazon App Store.

Trinket’s Kickstarter campaign launched yesterday morning; at the time of this post, the campaign has already surpassed $32,890 of the initial $38,000 funding goal. Battle Chef Brigade manages to accomplish the bizarre task of blending elements from cooking, fantasy, RPG and action games, into what appears to be a fun, completely unique experience. Players will assume the role of three “Battle Chefs” competing against others for the recognition of the “sternest gourmands”. Each culinary crusader must venture out into the Kitchen Arena, where he or she will hunt monsters using a variety of techniques and spells.


The combat system is surprisingly complex…for…a….cooking….game…? Players need to slay creatures with cautious precision, as only the best cuts yield the best meat. As explained on the Kickstarter page, the Arena features a complex ecosystem that can be influenced by the player’s actions; birds will lay more eggs if the player chooses to feed them, however doing so may attract other monsters, which “might be very dangerous”. During each round of the actual cooking competition, the player is free to create whatever he or she chooses from the ingredients and meats gathered from the Arena phase. Meals can be altered- and improved- with an assortment of spells. Much like any chef, tasting your own meals is crucial; sampling your meal-in-progress boosts the character’s mana and health. The judges themselves are a key factor in what the player chooses to create, as each judge has their own food preferences- serving a “pan-seared dragon” to “diet-obsessed Elves” may not be the best idea.

As the Battle Chefs progress through the tournament, they have the ability to upgrade their cookware, spells, and gain new cooking instruments. These extra items lead into bonuses, bigger meals, the ability to cook specialty ingredients, and extra spells and attacks for the hunt.


Those who are interested in Battle Chef Brigade can contribute a minimum of $15 to get a digital DRM-free copy at launch for either PC, Mac or Linux; higher contribution tiers include physical merchandise, Beta access, Kickstarter backer-exclusive in-game content, and personalized game characters.

The Kickstarter campaign for Battle Chef Brigade ends on Oct. 27.

Source: Kickstarter
Images courtesy of Trinket Studios


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