Dallas Gaming Expo Tickets Now Available For Purchase

Tickets are now available for the first ever Dallas Gaming Expo convention, coming to Addison, TX this July.

Even though many associate the gaming industry with the east and west coast, Texas is home to a plethora of well-known developers and  publishers. Between Indie and AAA, the Lone Star State hosts the likes of Gearbox Software, id Software, divisions of Bethesda and Blizzard, Devolver Digital, and an abundance of smaller studios located around Houston, Denton and Dallas. The DFW metroplex sets the stage for ScrewAttack’s SGC event, previous Gearbox Community Day events, QuakeCon, and various tournaments across the north Texas area. Austin, TX formerly held GDC Austin, and this year marked the debut of a new PAX convention in Texas- PAX South.

PAX South isn’t the only new convention for Texas this year, as 2015 also marks the debut of the Dallas Gaming Expo. Scheduled to take place at the Addison Crowne Plaza, the Dallas Gaming Expo will feature a variety of guests, including famous voice actors, movie stars and talented cosplayers. The current guest list is as follows, courtesy of the official DGE website:

  • Verne Troyer – Actor
  • Peter Mayhew – Actor
  • Sean Schemmel – Voice Actor
  • Trina Nishimura – Voice Actor
  • Sandeep Parikh – Actor, Writer, Director
  • Alexia Jean Grey – Cosplayer
  • Dustbunny – Cosplayer
  • Hex Hypoxia – Cosplayer
  • Lisa Lou Who – Cosplayer
  • Raychul Moore – Cosplayer
  • Vivid Vivka – Cosplayer

The Dallas Gaming Expo will have a variety of activities for each “type” of gamer, including a tabletop/board game area, a section dedicated to PC LAN gaming, plenty of retro arcade cabinets and consoles, and several “big-screen” tournaments for the likes of Super Smash Bros, GoldenEye, Mortal Kombat X and more. Additional tournaments will be held within other areas for games including League of Legends, Pokemon TCG, Magic: The Gathering and Galaga.

Tickets are currently on sale through vendor Prekindle, starting at $40 for a single-day pass; a three-day ticket can be purchased for $60. while a Premium Ticket is available for $150.00. The Premium option includes a laminate badge, “Premium/Deluxe Suite” access, an autograph or photo from a guest of the ticket-holder’s choosing, early tournament registration, and free gift cards and sponsor-items. Those who wish to book a room at the Crowne Plaza can do so through the DGE website, at a discounted price of $99 per night.

Again, the Dallas Gaming Expo will be held at the Crowne Plaza in Addison, TX from July 24-26, the weekend after SGC 2015 in Frisco, TX.

Source: Dallas Gaming Expo
Image courtesy of Dallas Gaming Expo

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