‘We Happy Few’ Announced By Compulsion Games

The team behind Contrast have announced We Happy Few, a warped and twisted look at a retro-futuristic utopia.

Compulsion Games recently announced a new title through their official Facebook page, and the fan-page for their previous game, Contrast. We Happy Few is set within a retro-futuristic society, akin to Stubbs the Zombie, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, or The Jetsons.┬áSet in the alternate 1960’s English town of Wellington Wells, We Happy Few involves a group of individuals bent on escaping the Orwellian town, and its quest to bend everyone into “cheerful denial”.

While little else is known about We Happy Few, Compulsion will have a pre-Alpha build available at PAX East.┬áCompulsion Games is responsible for the puzzle-platforming adventure, Contrast. Player’s take hold of Didi’s “visitor” Dawn, who can use shadows to traverse across the whimsical 1920’s environments.

More information as it unfolds can be found through the official website.

Source: Compulsion Games
Image courtesy of Compulsion Games

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