Capcom Financial Q&A Suggests Future HD Collections For 2015/2016

A recent summary of Capcom’s Q&A during their annual fiscal review meeting reveals that the company may have more HD collections and re-releases coming over the next year.

After dealing with an “extraordinary loss” from their 2013 fiscal year, Capcom’s financial status has significantly rebounded due to the sales of the Monster Hunter series, several PC ports, and numerous digital releases across the console markets. While it’s occasionally taken as “thriving on nostalgia”, Capcom’s financial stability is also due to the success of recent HD collections and remastered versions of older titles.

Capcom recently released a summarized version of a Q&A session held at their annual Briefing of Financial Results meeting, where the Japanese publisher/developer and its investors discussed the aftermath of the 2014 Fiscal Year. (Note: The 2014 Japanese Fiscal Year was 4/1/2014-3/31/2015.) According to the synopsis from Capcom’s Japanese division, remastered releases will be one of the company’s “key business activities” for the upcoming fiscal year. Capcom’s “aggressive” approach to digital releases “created new demand for these titles”, ultimately outselling their physical counterparts. Capcom reports that the sales of Resident Evil HD were much higher than anticipated; rather than seeing the digital platform as a high-risk market, Capcom believes that the growth of the online marketplace offers “more options” to consumers.

Whether it be a physical collection or digital download, several titles from Capcom’s archive have returned to audiences through remasters and compilations; the original Devil May Cry trilogy, Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil and the recent DMC: Definitive Edition have all been given the remaster or HD-overhaul treatment.

Based on community feedback from Capcom Unity, fans would like to see other series receive an “HD Collection” of sorts, including Viewtiful Joe, Darkstalkers, Street Fighter Alpha, Mega Man Legends, and every once in a while P.N.03.

The next remastered title from Capcom, Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition will release for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on 6/23.

Source: Capcom
Image courtesy of Capcom

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