‘Attack On Titan’ Details Revealed At Gamescom 2015

Attack on Titan games have already graced the PC and Nintendo 3DS, but now the franchise is heading over to Sony consoles thanks to Koei Tecmo.

Since its original anime debut in Japan, the Attack on Titan franchise continues to develop a worldwide following. The tale of humanity’s last stand against the flesh-eating Titans has been told not just through its original manga adaptation, but through drama CDs, Japanese-exclusive visual novels, an amazingly popular fan-made PC game, a museum exhibit, and a 3DS-exclusive title. While the reception was mixed, the franchise recently received its first live-action feature film.

During Germany’s annual Gamescom convention, publisher Koei Tecmo announced that a new Attack on Titan game was in development for Sony consoles, courtesy of developer Omega Force. Outside of revealing the project’s existence, very few details were announced regarding the future Attack on Titan game, though a recent interview between Japanese news outlet Dengeki and Producer Hisashi Koinuma shed more light on the development process, and some of the features to be expected in next year’s game.

Koinuma states that development on “Attack on Titan” began in Winter 2013/2014, with the intent of creating a story-driven action game. Koei Tecmo may be well regarded for their Dynasty Warriors franchise and subsequent spin-offs, however “Attack on Titan” will not be a Dynasty Warriors clone. The story will encompass the original manga plot, with direct involvement from Attack on Titan creator Hajime Isayama. Gameplay will be set within an open-world sandbox, with the player exploring the world in search of Titans. While players will be hunting Titans in the environments, Koinuma claims that there are story-based decisions where players must either cope with “sacrificing allies” or team-up with other members of the Cadet Corps.

Understanding the importance of mobility in the Attack on Titan universe, Omega Force is focusing heavily on perfecting the Maneuver Gear mechanics. The title will be simple enough for anyone to play, though some Titans can only be killed by those who have mastered the ability to control the Maneuver Gear.

“Attack on Titan” is currently in development for the PS3, PS4 and PS Vita, however Omega Force is primarily focusing on the PS4 version. A release date has not been scheduled, however the title is expected to launch for Japan, North America and Europe next year.

Source: Dengeki
Image courtesy of Wit Studio, Production I.G.

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