‘BlazBlue: Central Fiction’ Trailer Reveals New Character “Nine”

The magic-wielding character “Nine the Phantom” can be seen in action with the latest trailer for BlazBlue: Central Fiction.

Once a spiritual successor to Guilty Gear, BlazBlue is Arc System Works’s other flagship fighting game franchise. The series finds itself against a Victorian-meets-Cyberpunk theme, mixed with time-travel and orchestral rock, unlike Guilty Gear‘s strict hard rock and fantasy influences . While developers have previously hinted at a possible closure to the series and tag-team mechanics, the BlazBlue saga is still going strong with Chrono Phantasma Extend for Sony consoles and the Xbox One, along with the upcoming Central Fiction– now available in Japanese arcades.

BlazBlue: Central Fiction includes the largest roster of playable characters in the franchise, drawing in original characters and those found within the BlazBlue: Remix Heart manga. Yet another new character has been added to the roster with “Nine the Phantom”. Unlike any other character in the franchise, Nine does not use Drive attacks; instead her arsenal includes elemental-based magic attacks, with the Drive button functioning as an enhanced elemental attack based on energy stocks. New screenshots courtesy of Japanese publication Famitsu¬†show¬†her D-function and elemental attack stock, as indicated by the “Stock” Fire icons and bar below:

BlazBlue Central Fiction Nine The Phantom 3

BlazBlue Central Fiction Nine The Phantom

A console release date has not been confirmed for BlazBlue: Central Fiction, however the console versions of previous Arc System Works fighters have often released within 6-8 months of their arcade debut.

Sources: Famitsu, Arc System Works
Images courtesy of Famitsu, Arc System Works

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