‘Let It Die’ Gets New Trailer Ahead Of PAX East Debut

The enigmatic free-to-play title from Grasshopper Manufacture and GungHo Entertainment, Let it Die gets a new trailer just in time for its public gameplay debut.

Formerly Lily Bergamo, Let it Die is the latest title from the eccentric developers at Grasshopper Manufacture, alongside new partner GungHo Entertainment. The gritty hack-and-slash title will be a survival-based action game at heart, with online multiplayer elements; enemy-AI is based on the gameplay styles of other players, with fallen players becoming standard enemies as the game progresses. Led by Goichi Suda “Suda51”, Let it Die is both Grasshopper’s first PS4-exclusive title and free-to-play game.

Earlier today, GungHo released two new videos for Let it Die, commemorating its public gameplay debut this weekend at PAX East 2016. A new cinematic trailer gives viewers a better look at Let it Die‘s stylized take on Death, and hints at some of the perturbed creatures gamers may face. Executive Director and Executive Producer Suda51 and Kazuki Morishita appear in the second clip, reassuring fans that Let it Die was left in the dark for nearly two years, Grasshopper Manufacture is now ready to show off their game to the public this weekend. Brief moments of gameplay can be seen in the PAX East announcement video, showcasing some of the combat and RPG mechanics.

Let it Die has no official release date, however the title will release exclusively for the PS4 as a free-to-play game sometime this year.

Source: GungHo Entertainment
Image courtesy of Grasshopper Manufacture, GungHo Entertainment

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