‘Tekken 5’ “King” Statue Now Available For Pre-Order

The jaguar-masked fighter King will be immortalized as a new collectible statue from First 4 Figures.

The Jaguar-faced Mexican luchador, King is one of the most iconic fighters of Tekken‘s history. Inspired by the legacies of wrestlers Satoru Sayama and Fray Tormenta, King was a Catholic priest moonlighting as a fighter to raise money to build an orphanage. Between the events of Tekken 2 and Tekken 3, King was killed by the resurrected God of Fighting, Ogre. A former resident of King’s orphanage, a nameless child trained under King’s former rival Armored King, eventually donning the infamous Jaguar mask himself. The new King fights on to avenge the deaths of both the original King, and his mentor Armored King.

From premium-level collectible manufacturer First 4 Figures, Tekken fans now have the opportunity to purchase a statue based on King himself. Based on his Tekken 5 appearance, King is shown in his signature outfit, goading a potential opponent. The 1/4th scale collector’s item stands at 48.3cm/19in tall from the base to the tips of King’s jaguar mask; each statue is meticulously hand-painted and sculpted to accent the finer features of the fighter, such as the jaguar spots, muscle tone and beads of sweat.

An alternate “Exclusive” edition is also available for pre-order; at 55.9cm/22in tall, this version has a based modeled after the corner of a wrestling ring, and includes a limited edition art print.

The 1/4th scale Tekken 5 King statues can be pre-ordered directly through First 4 Figures, though both collectibles are extremely limited; the standard edition is listed at $374.99, with the Exclusive at $439.99. Both statues are expected to begin shipping in Q4 2016.

Source: First 4 Figures
Images courtesy of Bandai Namco, First 4 Figures

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