‘Battlefield 1’ Concept Art Revealed Ahead Of E3 2016

The gameplay trailer for Battlefield 1 may not arrive until next week, but fans have plenty of concept art to gawk at until Sunday comes around.

After three modern day installments in the military and behind the badges of law enforcement, the Battlefield franchise is heading back in time to World War I. The title is sure to cause some eventual confusion, however Battlefield 1 sends players back into the early 1900’s with an alternate retelling of WWI; while not as outlandish as Wolfenstein‘s mech-powered Nazi forces, Battlefield 1‘s version of the Great War will include weaponry and vehicles not developed nor seen on the battlefield until the 1930’s.

Watchful Battlefield fans may have seen a few brief snippets of concept art during the Battlefield Twitch broadcast from DICE last month, however EA and DICE have released a handful of new pieces depicting some of the action coming this October. Fans won’t see actual gameplay until E3 2016 next week, however the new batch of concept art depicts more trench warfare, biplane dogfights over the skies of Europe, and many of the historic locals players can expect to explore in the alternate WWI:

Battlefield 1 will release on 10/21 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. EA Early Access, Origin Insider and Battlefield Insider members will receive early access to a multiplayer Beta later this year.

Source: Indier
Images courtesy of DICE, EA (via Indier)

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