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New ‘KOF XIV’ Story Trailer And Character Shown At EVO 2016

The King of Fighters XIV fans received some new Story Mode and character footage today at EVO 2016.

EVO 2016 is coming to a close as the Super Smash Bros. Melee finals are now underway, with Street Fighter V closing out the event in just a few hours. The annual fighting game tournament showcases the best competitors from across the world, and a handful of new announcements from the represented games of that year. This weekend saw the announcement of Killer Instinct: Season 3‘s Eyedol, and the recent gameplay debut of Dizzy in Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR-.

Wedged between the Grand Finals of Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 and the Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- Top 8 matches, The King of Fighters XIV fans were given an extended look at the new Story Mode and a new character. The titular KOF tournament is now hosted by the self-proclaimed champion, Antonov. A brand new character to the series, Antonov is a heavy-class brawler who doubles as one of the new boss characters. Also revealed in the new trailer are the demo which will release through PSN on July 19th, and the “Burn to Fight Premium Edition”; the $79.99 collector’s edition includes a Steelbook case, 3-CD soundtrack and art book within an over-sized collector’s box.

The King of Fighters XIV will release exclusively for the PS4 on 8/23.

Source: Atlus USA
Image courtesy of SNK Playmore

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