‘Dead Or Alive 5: Last Round’ Next-Gen Versions Feature New “Soft Engine”

A new, slightly suggestive clip shows off Team Ninja’s new “Soft Engine” exclusive to the next-gen versions of Dead or Alive 5: Last Round.

While some of them may have been put to “questionable” use, Team Ninja attempts to innovate with every new title in their franchises: Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 and NG3: Razor’s Edge for the PS3 included an Easter Egg which could be accessed through the Sixaxis feature on controllers; Dead or Alive 4¬†added enhanced breast-physics and more elaborate environments; Ninja Gaiden 3 added more in-depth “gore skeletons” so that Hyabusa’s sword would tend to lodge within enemies; Dead or Alive 5 added a new texture engine that rendered dirt and sweat on the fighters in real-time.

Last Round publisher Koei Tecmo released a brief video this weekend, showing off Team Ninja’s latest technical endeavor, the “Soft Engine”. While DOA 5 debuted with an engine that rendered dirt and sweat in real-time on skin, the new Soft Engine can render life-like skin tones, as well as decrease the “pixelated” look that shadows occasionally cast on characters.

As a fair warning, the clip focuses on the assets that made the Dead or Alive series infamous in the first place:

Dead or Alive 5: Last Round will release across Sony and Microsoft consoles tomorrow (2/17), with the PC version arriving on 3/30.

Image courtesy of Koei Tecmo, Team Ninja

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