‘DOA 5: Last Round’ Season Pass Available For Near $100, Japan Getting Exclusive Costumes

Costumes are to the Dead or Alive franchise, as hats are to Team Fortress 2; fans love to collect them, even if they total in the hundreds. Hardcore DOA fans can purchase all of the costumes ahead of time with the Last Round Season Pass, but it will set them back just under $100.

The latest expansion for DOA 5, Dead or Alive 5: Last Round released for consoles this past Tuesday. PC gamers will have to wait until the end of March, as the Steam version has been delayed until 3/30; sadly, the PC version will not support online multiplayer at launch, as the feature will come with a future patch. While DOA is one of the most beautiful 3D fighting games, much of the eye-candy lies in its character design and the abundance of available costumes. Over 60 DLC costumes are available for Dead or Alive 5: Ultimate; Last Round will add more than 70.

While several costumes are currently available to those who pre-ordered DOA 5: Last Round, a slew of DLC packs will be released over the course of the year. Rather than pay for each DLC add-on individually, Last Round has a Season Pass available for $92.99 on both Xbox Live and PSN. Those who purchase the Season Pass will automatically gain each DLC pack upon release, along with an exclusive “Angelic Maid Costume” for Marie Rose, a new character added in the Ultimate expansion.

An additional costume bundle is available exclusively for the Japanese version of Last Round, though it will set Japanese gamers back 10,044 yen ($85). This “New Costume Pass” includes 68 DLC costumes, compared to the US/UK Season Pass’s 78. The Japanese New Costume Pass will include the “Ninja Costumes” DLC sets, the Angelic Maid Costume for Marie Rose, two unannounced bundles, and 16 costumes based on characters from the Senran Kagura franchise.

Dead or Alive 5: Last Round is currently available for 360, PS3, Xbox One and PS4, with the PC version arriving on 3/30. The next-gen versions will feature Team Ninja’s new “Soft Engine“, allowing for more realistic skin tones and physics.

Sources: PSN, XBLA, Inside Games
Image courtesy of Team Ninja, Koei Tecmo

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